Thursday, July 26, 2007


One look I never seem to tire of is creamy whites mixed with warm wood tones. The 2 tones go together very well and I think that's why you see it used a lot. The picture with the desk is of my teenage daughters room. I redid it a few years back and she was not happy with the lack of color. But now that she's older she really likes it and her friends do too. Very calming colors for the bedroom. I have color in my home too, but I do love the feel that warm whites bring to a room.


momma j lee ♥ said...

i love that dining room table in the first imgae! so raw ... yum!
neutrals have been so overplayed but i agree, i can't get enough of creamy whites and soft wood tones. it's just so warm!


katiedid said...

I do like a neutral pallet! Nice pics! :)

Ana Herda said...

I agree with j lee, I love a nice white with wood tones.

We also have the same chairs!

Cherokee.Sunshine said...

Do you think the table top with the black legs is bamboo? I love Bamboo for more than cutting boards. Using something renewable makes me feel "green."