Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Creative Use of Space

I love creative uses of space. Bathroom sinks are becoming so creative, you can see new styles all the time. When your able to put in a place to sit with a table, its great as long as its not so small you can hardly squeze in. The last picture looks more like a space to have a chat with the person cooking your meal, but that works too.


katiedid said...

I love the top picture! And I am searching for bar stools, (actually counter stools)! Do you know where the white ones came from?!?

Lisa said...

Hi Katie! I looked at the magazine and they gave no source at all! I hate when they do that!! I can't wait to see your kitchen!!!

Anonymous said...

Love these! The bathroom "vanity" is the best. I'll have to remember that one. : )