Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tips for Redesigning a Small Space

When dealing with small spaces, sometimes people are at a loss as to which direction to take when pondering a redesign. Transforming a small space can be challenging endeavor, but it is certainly not a impossible one. What follows is a list of a few tips that can help you rise to the challenge when it comes to redesigning your small space.

Windows are Your Friends

Windows are a great source of natural light and can really help open up a small room. Try scaling back on cumbersome window treatments and play up the role of windows in your small space. Light, airy curtains or open blinds let the light in and open the room up in the process, so stop covering them up and brighten your room in the process.

Choose Colors Carefully

Depending on the dimensions of your room, the wrong color choice can make the room feel smaller. Choosing cool colors and accent pieces helps eliminate the claustrophobic feeling that can be enhanced by warm, dark colors. Stark white trim helps to establish contrast and cool grey tones can really help to create a sense of openness. Accessorize effectively, using accent colors from a rug or piece of art that brings the room together.

Room Orientation

Rearranging your small space may be just what you need to do to make the place feel a little larger. Try to use your walls with longer dimensions to your advantage to play up the features in your space. Also, if you have decided to change paint colors, stripes can help elongate walls either vertically or horizontally depending on the perception and wish you look to achieve.

Find a Focal Point

Whether it's a fireplace, artwork, or piece of furniture, finding a focal point for the room is a great starting point with which to finish conceiving your design. Using the focal point can help you from selecting everything from paint color to figuring out the exact layout of the room. Figure out what you want to focus on when redesigning your small space.

Remove Excess Items

Often when redesigning a small space, we tend to try and keep everything that we currently have and simply move it around. This isn't always the best idea. Excess furniture, accessories, and other items can give a small space a very cluttered feel, which ultimately makes the room feel smaller. Try and maximize your space's efficiency without filling it completely.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ok I Really Like These Kitchens

I love these kitchens! They are small (ok the first one perhaps not small) but they all prove that you can have GREAT style in a small space. So inspiring!