Friday, July 11, 2008

Where do your guest sleep?

A daybed tucked in a corner? Outdoors somehow? Futon or pull out couch? My sister comes twice a year with her 2 kids. With only 3 bedrooms it makes it hard but we make due. Air mattress's help tons, great solution with small kids. How do YOU handle overnight guest? A nice room at the Holiday Inn?


Jen Kershner said...

We have company headed our way this weekend and we will put them up in my studio where there is a daybed with trundle. I'm always a little anxious to give up my space but I realize what a luxury it is to even have a studio. Ideally we will finish our basement and the guests will move down there.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Hey Lisa!
We are lucky enough to have a guest house with two bedrooms...that happens to be empty this summer(usually my mom is in it). When a big family comes the kids bunk with my kids, and the adults have their own place. BUT...I have a dream of turning our small barn into a studio/guest space...all beams and white paint...and a skylight or two.That's the dream, anyway!

Lynn said...

I just moved from a 980 square foot apartment [shared with my youngest] to a 740 square foot duplex [mine, all mine]. This is my first chance in 30 years to be truly alone for any stretch of time.

Dinner guests? Absolutely! House guests? Not yet. But I do have an airbed for when I'm ready for company. And really nice sheets that I bought on sale, and extra blankets, but I've co-opted the spare pillow for my own bed.

PAT said...

Hi Lisa

I haven't been by in awhile. Sure missed you! I loved the wood floor post. We're considering putting wood at the condo. Bamboo is one of the choices, we're looking at.

At the farm, we had 2 bedrooms, total and had to be creative with guest "quarters". We didn't have guests often, other than the kiddos, so it worked out okay. Here, we have guest room overkill!! Of course, done with resale in mind. Plus, we're rather elderly and all the little birdies flew the nest, so that means extra room for guests.


Vickie said...

It looks like I need to step it up in the guest department. We use and inflatable mattress in my art studio. I thought you might like to check out Geninne's new house. It is small and wonderful. Her blog is:
You might need to go back a few post for the photos of her house or look on her Flicker.
I'm going to put you on my favorites list. I hope that's O.K.

Cris of Kiss My Tulle said...

For now, we are super lucky and have a small second room (with a fantastic white wrought iron antique bed).

However, I just know that I'll need to sneak some extra sleeping space into a future remodel. I really want to have a wide landing upstairs and fit in a built-in window seat. I am planning on outfitting the seat with 2 stacked twin mattresses and have a pull-out underneath (to make a double bed when needed). I picture this as a perfect place for sleepovers and spend-the-nights.

megan @ a life's design said...

Living in a condo, we are limited on space. Our guests stay in our sunroom; furnished with a futon (not my favorite, but functional). The sunroom was once a porch that was closed in, so there is a door and windows that separate it from the living room. I hung curtain in the sunroom to close it of and give more privacy.
I look forward to providing a lovely guest area one day.

elizabeth said...

We currently have a guest room with full bed and dresser. Usually my mom is our only guest, and she usually falls asleep on the couch. Recently we had friends come stay for the weekend and we hid all the junk that accumulates in the guest room. We would like to install built in cabinets/shelving on either side of and above the window in that room and have a daybed with a pop-up trundle. This would give us a king sized bed for guests taht wouldn't take up so much space daily and would allow us to use that room as an office or nursery or something. Does anybody know where to find nice, upholstered daybeds where the trundle pops all the way up? Ballard Designs has some nice ones, but the trundle only comes up 1/2 way.

Michelle said...

oh my have I missed your blog before this?? I love it !!! I have borrowed a couple of images from you - hope that's ok....I will mention your blog of course !! off to add you to my fab blog list ! Thanks - I'll be back !

Christine Oertel said...
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Christine Oertel said...

As we are limited on space, I use folding matresses and my daughter has kind of a trundle bed in her room for the little ones, which sho loves.

Lisa said...

I love hearing everything you all have to say! Great ideas! I have out of town guest as I write this!

Linda someday I would love to have a guest house, that would be so perfect!!

justimagine! I will be adding you to mine too! Thanks!!!

Pat! Hope all is well and your enjoying our HOT weather!!!

Lucky said...

forget the guests - they can have the house - if i can just have that adorable little blue shed!!!!

love your blog!

ThisleRose said...

Hmmm I like the idea of converting the Shed- Our little cottage has no room for visitors. Currently if someone wants to join us, they need to bring a tent! :-)

Cute blog!