Monday, April 30, 2007

The Cozy Cone

While reading ads for home sales, if you read the word "charmer" "dollhouse" "great starter home", those are all code for small. A scene in the Disney movie Cars, shows a row of motels, in the shape of orange traffic cones. The name of the motel is the "Cozy cone." While watching my 8 year old daughter declared, "Mom, we live in the cozy cone!" At first I wondered what the heck was orange in our home that made her say that! She then went on to say our home feels cozy to her. Cozy is not a word that comes easy in 3000 square feet. Cozy comes pretty natural in small spaces!


Anonymous said...

Is this your home? No wonder she thinks it's cozy!

Lisa said...

Oh no no, not my home!! I will let people know if I use my own home pictures in the actual post! So far I've only used my home office in the "found space" post. Most of the time I use photos from the internet to inspire! Thanks for dropping by ! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I'm a fello GIer, glad to see you've started a blog. I've always enjoyed your home updates. I know right were you're coming from, I live in 875 square feet!


Lisa said...

Hi Janet!
Do you have photos of your home on GI? Its been a bit since I checked out the photos there...need to get up to speed! Thanks for checking the blog out! I'm sure we'll talk more!! Take care!! Lisa

Daisy Cottage said...

Lisa, I'm so loving all of this inspiration that you are gathering and sharing - thank you for the morning treat with my coffee!

Anonymous said...

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