Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Whats your dream bathroom look like?

I only have one bathroom in my house. To make matters worse, its very tiny. This all made me wonder, what would I want in a bathroom? Lots of light for one. Natural light is the best and if I could have privacy along with that big window in the top picture, well perfection! I know the trend is for matte fixtures these days, but I love shiny chrome. Lastly for my big ticket wish, a bathroom that opened up to a pool, would be so wonderful. So whats your dream bath all about?


Anonymous said...

a sunny bathroom that opened for a tropical garden

Kristen said...

A lot like that third one with the painted beadboard, actually... Where did that photo come from, if you don't mind?

Teresa said...

I've always wanted an outdoor shower!

Cris Stone said...

I really like the one in the top photo actually...very much my dream. Lots of light, organic touches, and clean lines.

To be honest, right now my dream bathroom is one that works. Currently our toilet is broken into chunks and the new one is... in my kitchen.

Lisa said...

Kristen-that picture is from Pottery Barn a few years back. I love that floor and whole feel to that bathroom!

Terea- I have one of those wood outdoor showers, you know, for by the pool, but my dream is to have a shower in such a private tree screened place that I could have giant windows all around. Or just move to a warmer climate and have one outdoors year round lol

Cris! LOL sometimes its baby steps right? Im still glad I live in the era of indoor plumbing...things could always be so much harder!!

Aels said...

Check out my friend's bathroom --


greenzebrastudio said...

That's a beautiful bathroom. Now I'm torn! :-)

A tropical Asian bathroom that'll open up to the beach is my dream bathroom.


Thanks for that mini mental vacation!

Tracie said...

I'm here from Suzy's Wild Rose Cottage~
My dream bath (since ours is tiny, tiny too...) would be natural light, a claw foot tub, a place to put a comfy down filled chair and opens up to the beach... you did say dream bath ;)
Happy day!
My Petite Maison

Sandra said...

We live in a house on a slab foundation, which means tiles floors are verrrrry cold in cold weather. So when we moved here, we took up the carpet on the floor in the master bath (the previous owners' answer to a cold floor)and installed heated ceramic tile! I looooove having a heated bathroom floor in the winter.

Maureen said...

I have my dream bathroom which dh & I designed. It is ideal for a small space as it is a 'wet room' meaning that the walls are tiled and there is no shower wall or curtain. While not a boater, I was shown the concept by a boater. It is also designed for future handicapped access should either of us need it.


Anonymous said...

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