Monday, September 21, 2009

Mixing Patterns

I love a nice mix of patterns on a bed. I think it ads a nice focal point to a bedroom. Some people prefer a bed room very serene, thus wanting no patterns. I like both styles I suppose depending on my mood. I've seen some crazy stuff mixed together and thought, I shouldn't like this but I do ! Whats your preference?


Sara said...

as much as I start with the best grown up and neutral intentions with my decor choices I always end up with the riot of mismatched colour and pattern - love it!

Meredith said...

Interesting, Sara. I have the opposite problem: I decide I want a more eclectic look and end up with something totally matchy-matchy and boring. Every. Single. Time.

I just got a new bed (and wrote today's blog post about it) and have vowed that, this time, the look will be more "me". This post provides some great inspiration.

Now, I'm afraid that I may just be boring and matchy-matchy by nature.