Friday, June 25, 2010

Blending Rooms

When you do not have a lot of space to begin with, its hard to know how to blend rooms that spill into each other. The first thing I do when planning a room is ask myself exactly HOW is this rooom going to be used. Every inch in a small home or apartment is valuable space that you don't want to waste ! Washing machines are now making there way to bathrooms and kitchens. Thinking differently about how we live is very important in small space planning !


Pfeiffer Photos said...

We combined our living and dining spaces and it's much more cozy--plus we put the official dining room space to better use for us as our home office. :)

Patricia said...

Thanks for making me feel better. When we built this house 24 years ago I converted my laundry room into a pantry, and moved stackable washer / dryer into an upstairs bath. I have always hated not having a real laundry room, but you have made me feel better. I truly use every bit of space in my house! Thanks!

Lisa said...

I think we just need to design how we live. It can still look good, just takes some thought ! Thanks for you comments !


deirdre g said...

I really love all what I see.

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