Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mix Masters

I love a good mix in decorating. This can be a highly personal thing, because one person's checks with floral may be another person's breaking point. I'm still trying, but one thing I have learned is, you'll never know if you don't try something! I've bought things only to come home and totally loved them somewhere other then where I planned it to go. I've loved mixed chairs at a table as long as I can remember. So, experiment! You never know what you'll come up with. Stripes with cheetah? Why the heck not!


J Lee said...

i hate sets ....!
i try to mix and match as much as i can so i really appreciate this post!

great images.

Lisa said...

Hi Jen

I'm still out of town ...I made up a bunch of pics before I left so if I do not reply to you all right away, you'll know why! I love talking about mixing...some people are purist and don't like it but me it! Take care Jen!

katiedid said...

Love the breakfast room pic! I could spend alot of time there. And the leather armchair with BB&W photos - great!

anneliese said...

oooooh, you posted one of my favorite pictures in this post. That middle pic with the leather wingback, serape throw and leopard pillow is a classic.

Love you, love your taste! fantastic blog, girly girl.