Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Style File: COTTAGE

There is something about the cottage style that appeals to me. Cottages are for the most part, small, so the style and the "small" go hand and hand.The only time I do not care for it, is when its over done. Too much stuff out for stuffs sake. A delicate tea cup on the back of the toilet for show, not good. I love the above pictures for their style and simple good looks. A desk as a night stand is a great idea, one I've used myself. If you have no room for a home office this is a great option. The best thing about cottage style is the relaxed "come put your feet up" vibe it gives off.


J Lee said...

I think that's exactly what cottage style is "relaxed, warm and inviting". great images :)

erinn said...

I agree! Cottage does not equal clutter.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...


Gayle Fox said...

Hi there! I have spent the better part of this morning just enjoying your blog and many others. I happened onto a picture on this page that I recognize from a cottage online magazine (?) and I remembered it. Thought I had saved the link/URL awhile ago but lost it. Absolutely loved the kitchen, bedroom...I thought it was a guest cottage or over a garage type room? Would you please share with me the link so that I can study this more( and keep the URL this time)....I was so sad that I lost it...have searched online decorating sites trying to find it.
The pic you have is the bathroom with the slanted ceiling. I remember the overall colors were in black and white tones. I'll forever be grateful, so will my home! Sincerely,
Gayle Fox

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