Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stylish Storage

Small space is all about storage planning. The first thing I consider is do I want open or closed storage. If what I'm storing is not pretty or interesting to look at, I go with closed storage. For the most part, I opt for closed, its easier to cram stuff in when you have people coming over on short notice! I do have open storage in my office. There I find I can be a bit more creative and practical all at the same time.


PAT said...

I like the second photo!

I just looked at the weathered wood post. I love that stuff!!


katiedid said...

I am a sucker for open shelving. I am planning some in my kitchen and office. I love the top two photos! I hope I can be so neat.

Vinita said...

the strength of single color (for accent)

J Lee said...

i love opening shelving as well. that first image is great, the red just pops out of the image :)


JHAYNE said...

love the white with red accents. . .i'm having office envy!

Lisa said...

That office is just so cool. I would not get much work done in it tho, I'd be staring at everything all day!