Friday, July 27, 2007

Interesting Bathrooms

Its so cool to see all the new and interesting things they have come up with for bathrooms. Why sinks alone have changed a lot. Seems to me every room in your house is worth a second thought, and that's fantastic! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! Talk to you again on Monday!


J Lee said...

i love that round shower...!!!
it would be awesome if the shower head was centered above like rainfalls :)

have a great weekend Lisa!

Ana said...

I love that shower too, if I ever renovate a bathroom that's a must have.

girl meets glamour said...

Yes, that round shower is amazing!! I agree with Jenn, an overhead shower would make it even better. Great post :)


Arch said...

Very interesting bathrooms...infact I love decorating my bathrooms :-)
Thanks for sharing!!

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone...that round shower is really cool! I agree Jen, that should be a rainfall shower head. Arch- the bath is a great room to plan and decorate.


Anonymous said...

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