Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Office in a Box

< If you do not have a lot of space for a home office, take heart. Today there are all sorts of armories devoted for the smaller home office. You may want to use a antique secretary, works great if you have a portable lap top. Its nice to know at the end of the day you can "close shop" and not have to look at your stuff. This type of set up makes it perfect for any place in the house! If you need a small place to sort mail and pay bills, cubbies are great for that! Don't be afraid to think outside of the home office box! (Ok bad pun, I know!)


PAT said...

I'm catching up with my blogs again today!

That green cabinet caught my eye. If I decide to move the old computer upstairs, something like that would look good in the hearth room or breakfast room. It matches my chairs, too!

Back Porch Musings

Lisa said...

Hi Pat

I LOVE that piece. If I had a great big bedroom, that would be a perfect place for it(providing you had a huge walk in closet lol!

PAT said...

Hi Lisa..I was looking for a comment space on your latest post and didn't see one.

I came back by to tag you for a list of 7 random facts about yourself. I was tagged by Charlotte Lyons (House Wren Studio). My list is in the May 19th post. If you don't wish to make a list, that's ok too!

Thanks!! Pat

Lisa said...

Hmmm Let me see Pat..

1. My twin sisters and I are born exactly 13 months a part.

2. I've lived in the same 10 mile square area my whole life. (Sometimes I think thats neat others very sad lol)

3. I cannot stand Watermelon. I want to like it. Just can't.

4. Was really close to having a amazing birth thing happend. I had my daughter on our friend Pams birthday. Pam had her son on my sisters birthday. So when my sister was pregnant, she called and told me her due date, my birthday!! But the little stinker came early. Still a cool story.

5. My husbands Great great great (not sure how many greats) was Vice President of the USA. (John C Breckinridge)

6. I bugged my parents for pierced ears for months and finally my dad told me "if you hit a homerun at your next at bat (played softball in the summers), I will let you get your ears pierced. I was in 2nd grade and had never hit one, but I did it. My dad said he'll never forget the grin on my face rounding the bases!

7. Love watching birds in my backyard..its like having pets but you don't have to take them to the vet!

. said...

Who sells that green piece?
I'm looking for something similar to that... 'cept I need two b/c my fiance and I both need our own workspace/computer and we live in a smallish Boston apt.