Friday, May 25, 2007

Small Bathrooms

I have mentioned that my small house has a really large backyard. It is so nice to have. Now, the worst part of my home. Only one bathroom! Ok ok so there is only one. Only one to clean!! The real problem is, its the size of a postage stamp! You would think having one bath they would have made it larger. Nope. Small baths need not lack style. I put in a pedestal sink. Crazy to loose under sink space? Not really. It made the bath feel bigger. I also put in a huge mirror. That helps tons! I do have a linen closet right outside the door, so that helps. I guess what I'm saying is, tiny does not have to be with out style. I do find that it helps to limit your colors to 1-3. White goes with all so its a good starting part. Most people have lots of white in a bath. Use lots of vertical space. Target has some really nice pieces and cabs for baths now that are very well priced. Keep out what is pretty and hide the rest! (before I get asked, none of the above baths are mine! I will always mention in the post when a photo is of my house)


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Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa! I'm working on a small bathroom as we speak. Boy does it feel larger once you gut it...but then as you add in yet another bathtub and vanity it gets all small again....go figure!


Lisa said...

Linda! Can't wait to see your new bath! Linda is my style maven! Maybe you will let me post your afters here!!