Friday, May 11, 2007

Open Kitchen Storage

I'm seeing more and more open storage in kitchens these days. I can't quite figure out if its a look that's here to stay or not. Personally, I think it looks fantastic. One is prettier then the next and the creativity level is fantastic. I do wonder how disciplined you'd have to be to keep things just so. I have to admit tho, quite a few of my things would NOT look good on open shelving. Gladware? Hardly! Still, some of the dishes I own are pretty enough to be star of the show. I would like to think some kitchen redo down the road I would love to go this route. Do you think you could pull off this look?


Anonymous said...

Hey LeeesaB. Seems every house we have lived in, the first thing we do is rip out upper cabs and put in shelves. It seems we are allergic to the uppers!!

Great shots! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

What about keeping those shelves and the things on them clean? I have pottery on the lower shelves of a butcher-block unit that get very dusty. 'Course, my housekeeping is not what it once was - who has time?

I found your blog last week and really enjoy the content. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Linda...I love your open shelves...lovelove love. your house needs to be the subject of one of my post. (my people will be in touch!)

Hi Teresa! Thanks! That would be a big CON on the list huh? The look is such a PRO tho... Glad you enjoy the blog!! Thanks again!

Sunset Magazine said...

Please credit photographers and sources for your images! :) Photos of this house are under copyright by Sunset Publishing. "See original story".

Anonymous said...

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