Sunday, May 20, 2007

Time to Get Outdoors

The weather where I live has been wonderful. I love spring time. It gives the spirit such a boost. It does not matter how many times you experience it, it only seems to be more glorious each year. The air is clearer, the sun so bright. Tonic for the soul! Even if you have a small yard, get outside and enjoy!


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi :)

I like your blog! That wicker outdoor table setting is really nice. Romantic. We live in 1000 sq foot home too. All one level which used to be a small barn at one time.


Lisa said...

Hi Tea!

So glad you like it! I love that photo too! Your house sound really cool, a barn at one time! Love homes with a history!

PAT said...

Lisa these are beautiful outdoor spaces!

Back Porch Musings

kaliblue said...

I love the outdoor spaces. Great blog!
have a great day.

anneliese said...

hey lady.... you sure have some gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! It looks like you're getting some decent traffic on your site, too! You were born to do this, and I'm so glad you're following your bliss. have a great day!

Lisa said...

Thanks Pat, Kaliblue! Anneliese is the best bud I've never met! Hugs!

Elizabeth said...

Do you happen to remember where the black fire bowl photo came from or where you can purchase one?? Thanks!

Katie said...

Wonderful idea! The dining arrangement is very inviting. But this would need a bigger yard to appreciate the moment of dining outside the house. When we were younger, we used to go to Aunt Sophia's house for a "Barbeque Weekend" at her beautiful yard in Grand Lake Homes. I love going there during weekends when all the flowers bloom in the garden and I love smelling the sweet scent of her garden. I also dream of having such a house and now starting to research about realestate (Tulsa, Oklahoma) to have the best house at its best price.